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I will be removing Finding a Place from this account on Wednesday. Those of you who remember it may recall that it was my last foray into second person romantic fiction.

Finding A Place
You weren't exactly sure what you did wrong this time. You couldn't even count the number of trips you had made in your balloon before this time, but you'd never had to make a sudden landing like this before. Usually, you just floated for a few hours until you found a new city to explore. You could even see a small town in the distance. If you could just keep it afloat for a little while longer...
Your heart dropped into your stomach as the basket slammed into the canopy of the dense forest. You gripped tightly onto the side as you were pitched forward, for fear of being thrown out entirely. For your troubles, you receive a jarring blow in the side that seems to knock all the air out of your lungs. While you gasp for air, you try to remember your preparations and where it could have gone wrong. You should never have trusted that colt to help. He had been just like all the others when he figured out the truth about you, and you should have recognized his "change of heart" for what

It wasn't an especially popular story, but I think it was fairly successful at what I was attempting.

And of course, just because I'm removing them from dA, doesn't mean they won't be available at fimfiction, which is a better place for them anyway.

Today was one of the shittier days I've had at work, so you should honestly be thrilled that I'm not erasing these stories from the face of the earth.
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