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Yeah, I know I don't update this anymore. Most of my writing these days goes towards submissions, and when something gets accepted, I remove it from the Gallery. This dA's purpose has been to start me writing, but the stuff I'm writing now is not really the stuff the typical dA audience is interested in. I've left fanfiction far behind, and my angst shows up differently than most. If you're interested in reading something of mine, check out's third issue.
He tumbles into bed, waving his doctor’s note. “I caught it,” he groans.

“Didn’t you get the shot?”

“It’s a new strain. It wasn’t covered by this year’s vaccine.” He clutches his mouth with his hand and runs to the toilet. When he returns, a participle dangles from his chin.

“You got a little something on your-”

He wipes off “living in New York”, and flings it into the sink.

“That’s disgusting. You can’t kiss me.”

He tries to laugh, but it turns into coughing, and small pieces of overwrought metaphor escape into the air. He tries to catch them with a tissue, already coated in a ghastly, purple prose. “I thought you had this already.”

“I did when I was a teenager. I’m not in a rush to get it again.”
an extremely short piece (under 150 words) inspired by Pabulum. From a prompt found here: Digging Through The Dusty Dictionary Prompt

They wanted the 17th century definition, but I found the modern definition much more interesting.
If you get the chance, I’d really appreciate a visitor. Despite the balloons, despite my butterscotch skies, it’s actually pretty lonely in here. I’m not that hard to find, but I’m including directions so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

Drive down your road as you’ve done a thousand times before, but resist the urge to turn off where you always have. Keep going. Let the encroaching darkness fold over you like a thick, uncomfortable blanket. When you start feeling your memories called into question, you’ll want to be in the left lane. There used to be a farm in that field, but now it’s a dumping ground for uprooted stumps. Decay is the bumper crop. Turn left.

There’s a nightmare approaching on the right-hand side. If the orange light comes on, keep driving until you feel a pang of guilt in your stomach - that means you’re getting closer. However, if the light is off and your stomach begins to churn at the sick of inappropriate nostalgia, immediately turn around. Head to the nearest church. Pray earnestly. Beg for forgiveness.

By now, your tinnitus should be almost deafening, and your surroundings should indicate some sort of industrial complex. Step out of your car and spread your arms. Allow the air currents between the transformers to lift you into the air. Just before the fear of death becomes overwhelming, you should find me by your side.

If I’m sleeping, don’t bother to wait me. Just wrap your arms around me, and we can float above the towers together.
Find Me
It took me bloody forever, but I finally got around to that prompt from Unseen Writers. <da:thumb id="498963796">

This one called for me to start from a storyboard from the Pixar film Up, and work my way to one of David Lynch's otherworldly lithographs. I was a little looser with the ending than the group might like, but you gotta make what works for you. 

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The man sips from a small plastic cup of wine. Red. He thinks he saw that it was a cabernet, not that he could differentiate between cabernet and merlot, or even a white zinfandel for that matter, if it didn’t explicitly mention the color. It all tastes heavy, thick with weight. He wonders if that is the reason that wine is so linked to culture, because it physically humbles the audience, forces them to look up to these works of genius that he could never create. Tonight, it tastes less like grapes, more like iron. He drops the cup into the trash, and grabs a second bottle of water before approaching the artist.

“They look great,” he tells his friend’s brother. “I really like the textures.”

“That’s probably my greatest strength. Didn’t you do something?”

“Me?” He is genuinely startled by the question. “Oh no, I’ve never done more than sketch. It’s not even a hobby for me. I’m more of a writer.”

The artist flashes a smile, guileless. “Weren’t you writing game reviews?”

“Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve written any of those. Can’t really afford next gen games, nevermind the systems.” He looks past the artist at one of his more colorful pieces, a splotch of pink in the middle of a white landscape. “Maybe when I’m rich.”

“Is that what you want?” What do they say about a dream deferred?

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams lie
Life is a raccoon, crushed on the highway
Dragging itself into the woods to die

He sits down at the keyboard, and swirls the question back and forth with a real glass, half full of Kentucky bourbon. The screen is blank.

His best friend is being nominated for a Pushcart for a poem on soap bubbles
His wife won the Pulitzer for a trilogy of youth fiction about two boys in love.
His mother had just won the Caldecott Medal for the obituary she wrote of his grandfather. She had died a month ago, yellow as aging newspaper. He had barely shared a word with her before then.

He types the word “regret” seven times, in gradually increasing font, and prints out two copies. One he mails to The New Yorker. The other he soaks in alcohol, before lighting it and swallowing it whole.
For Want
The theme of want. Sparked by an art show which left me feeling impressively unfulfilled. Most things do these days.

Will you still love me when I'm not young and beautiful?
My piece "Still Digging" has been featured in an online journal, along with some very impressive poets. It's nice to see that my writing isn't going completely to waste.

I know it's been quiet around these parts, but I'm still writing, and I'm still keeping busy. It's just that my personal life is kind of a whirlwind right now. My mother's sickness has only worsened with time, and it's made it hard to concentrate on anything else.

Take care of yourselves,
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